Friday, April 15, 2011

bibimblog sleeps with the fishes

well actually, bibimblog swims with the sharks.

with the amount of sushi we eat, we thought we would give them a shot at us.

this is from a recent visit to oahu. we went out with the good folks at north shore shark adventures. these guys were great, professional. fair. had a real great time with them.

obviously, we shot this with our own waterproof camera, but you can pay extra to have them document the whole experience. what i liked was that even though we didnt pay that premium, the staff made sure we had the same experience as any who did.

even better, there was this japanese family on our trip. no english. not even engrish. now ive seen one too many times people taking advantage of people who dont speak english well. it pisses me off...... the staff here? they made sure their guests were warm, safe and taken care of. its speaks really highly of someone in this type of business going above and beyond for people who need the extra help.

if you have the chance, bibimblog highly recommends jumping into a metal cage with sharks no more than a few feet from you. it sounds crazy. it is crazy. but once you do it, you will realize that like with most things in the world, your preconceptions of things are totally wrong.

jaws is not sharks.

get out of your comfort zone. make yourself scared. learn something new. thats what bibimblog is about. a little bit of everything. thats what life is about.


if you get motion sickness or think you might get motion sickness, take care of it. take some dramamine, wear wristbands, take shots of grey goose. whatever it takes, do it. we went out on a particularly choppy day. we were glad we took those dramamine pills.

find coupons. them coupon books you find all over waikiki are a good spot to start. look online also.

try booking through a tour agency. you can save a good amount.

they do provide van shuttle service for a fee, but do yourself a favor. rent a car, take the your time getting there and going back. eat at a shrimp truck, visit some beaches. if your pressed for time or get lost easily, this might not work out for you but otherwise, explore!


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